CMMS-EAM Software

A computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, is basically used to maintain particular extensive records and track the functions needed to maintain the systems to ensure the maintenance of the detailed records.

Working of CMMS/EAM Software

To schedule the plans and get the work done becomes easier using CMMS or EAM software. Because it reduces the time to perform the tasks efficiently, it is best to use it to maintain the work that results in enhancing the productivity of any organization. Along with performing tasks more efficiently, it is also helpful in improving the safety and reliability of the system. It enables the system to get detailed information to demonstrate the functions regularly.

Types of CMMS/EAM Software Work Orders

General Work Order

General work order is the primary type of CMMS software work order that is used to perform basic tasks, excluding emergency jobs. In this type of work order, fixing or setting the new equipment, replacing the new equipment with an old one, or painting walls are included.

Preventive Maintenance

In this work order, the tasks have to be done regularly. Preventive maintenance is set to perform the tasks according to the schedule of individuals and the organization of assets. It provides the guideline and the essential instructions to the system. The guideline ensures that equipment’s are performing the tasks efficiently and helps them stay in their optimal condition. It has an essential role in the prevention of the equipment from failure.

These tasks are set to be performed at a specific time to maintain the equipment or give schedule it for a specific time. Preventive maintenance is very effective in scheduling the work orders that enable the reliability of the system.


To ensure the maintenance of any organization, inspection of the equipment and the whole system is essential. Inspection work order prevents any failure of the system by detecting the problems. The inspection ensures that the system is working optimally. It identifies the technical problems well in time and provides the solutions to ensure the reliability of the system.


When any technical issue occurs suddenly in the system and affects the system’s efficiency, this work order is needed to perform the tasks. Emergency tasks are required to be done to fix the technical issue at the same time that enables the system to continue performing the tasks that are on schedule.

Emergency work order tracks and identifies the problems and helps the system by providing the information to resolve the technical issue. It provides information about the reasons as to why a certain issue occurred and what are the ways to fix it.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is the final part of the process that can correct the issue due to any technical problem. After identifying and recognizing the issue, this work order must be performed to enable the system to be up and working again. It is done after all the processes of preventive maintenance, inspection, and emergency tasks.

The issue could occur due to any technical failure of any equipment, machine, or system. It is planned to perform the correction of the system after chancing a technical problem. It resolves all the issues by fixing them and restoring the system to work again.

CMMS uses the different types of work order to manage the organization. It enables the system to work with more efficiency by resolving all the technical issues of the system timely. It makes a system more valuable and profitable by ensuring all the above work orders are executed. 

The first step of the process checks the equipment. It replaces the old one with the new equipment where needed because it is the most crucial element to ensure that the systems are functioning to the best of their ability.

After this process, in the preventive maintenance and inspection, any unusual problem or technical issue and the reasons for the issue are exposed. After identifying the technical problem, the emergency work order is performed. It provides all the information related to the fixing of the technical problem.

In the last work order of corrective maintenance, all the issues are fixed so that the system performs tasks with more accuracy.


For any organization, maintenance of the system and the equipment is a vital thing to do. Maintenance plays an essential role in enhancing the efficiency of performing the tasks. But it isn’t elementary to do it on your own.

Using software like a computerized management maintenance system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) makes it easier to ensure the maintenance of your system. CMMS helps maintain your system and reduce the cost of maintenance, thereby enhancing its efficiency to perform the tasks.

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