Best Facility Maintenance Management Solution To Meet All Your Maintenance Needs!

Our Facility Maintenance Management Software is an easy to use; mobile solution that allows you to manage maintenance costs, vendors, scheduled services and workflows efficiently. This Facility Maintenance Management Software can seamlessly be integrated with existing solutions and its advanced reporting capabilities helps meet preventive maintenance needs with ease.

Digitize Maintenance Work

Digitize Maintenance Work to capture information automatically and manage facilities maintenance via any device or computer and; eliminate the need for paperwork and clipboards.


Acquire Accurate, Real-Time Data

Enable staff to acquire accurate, real-time data, check inventory and initiate work orders on the go, using any device; helping you to bring efficiency to processes and avoiding work delays and interruptions.


Make Smarter Decisions

Prevent downtime and losses by adopting the best Facility Management Software that helps you plan preventive work, manage asset health and meet safety standards effectively.

Streamline maintenance work and become more proactive with our Facilities CMMS

Managers can streamline relevant data for assets, create general ledger accounts and utilize analysis feature of the Facility Maintenance Management Software to enhance maintenance work.

Work Order Management

Our Workorder software helps improve workflow and efficiency by enabling fast and easy scheduling, assigning and closing of work orders.


Dynamic Forms & Checklists

A feature-rich Facility Maintenance Management Software that comes equipped with maintenance checklist feature that can be utilized to connect departments and staff.


Preventive Maintenance

Prevent the occurence of maintenance issues and repairs by automating the scheduling of inspections and maintenance. Become more proactive with our preventive maintenance software.


Asset & Equipment Management

An Asset management software that allows managers to track asset management and enables automatic reordering of parts, ensures repairs are performed in a timely manner.


Mobile CMMS

Bring efficiency to your processes by adopting a fast-paced, cloud based facility management app that facilitates work order management directly from a phone or desktop without delays.


Advanced Reports

Our Facility Maintenance Management Software, equipped with advanced reporting and maintenance dashboard enable managers to receive up-to-date information, track KPIS and analyse progress.

CMMS Software Built for Facility Management



With our robust Facility Maintenance Management Software, create work orders easily and stay in the loop with all your restaurants’ maintenance operations, spread across multiple locations. You can also connect your staff and vendors to get maximum ROI.


Hotel, Resort and Casino

Meet the hospitality industry's needs with a feature-rich Facility Maintenance Management Software that provides you with a dashboard suited to meet hospitality, casino, resort and hotel maintenance management needs.



Hospital administration requires being on top of equipment, facilities and vehicles care needs. With our Facility Maintenance Management Software; schedule tasks, track history and improve communication between the maintenance team and other departments.



If you are looking for a warehouse maintenance solution system that sets up, tracks and controls all equipment and vehicles, then you are at the right place. Create work orders, exercise maintain records easily with our solution.


Data Centers

Equipped with data centre maintenance features, our Facility Maintenance Management Software enables you to manage maintenance on transfer switches, uninterruptible power supplies and access control systems.


Property & Buildings

Our Facility Maintenance Management Software offers complete building maintenance features, enabling you to schedule all your general and preventative building maintenance. You can use it to manage the upkeep of electrical, fire, and plumbing systems.



Airport facilities management is complex and includes many components like building, runway, fleet, parking etc. Create efficiency and run an airport smoothly with our Facility Maintenance Management Software through asset management, improved operations, lower costs, and much more.


Schools & Universities

Get access to powerful tools with our higher educational institutions Facility Maintenance Management Software to manage the maintenance of affiliate sites abroad, on campus facilities, outdoor fields, etc in a more organised, accountable and reliable manner.



Managing multiple retail sites by adopting our solution ensures the effective implementation of operational materials and equipment. Whether you operate multi-location retails or a warehouse meet your maintenance needs with our Facility Maintenance Management Software.


Facilities management software is a cloud-based software solution that makes management easier by digitizing the entire process and helps companies manage their maintenance program from a single web-based dashboard. Online facility management software is designed to enable businesses to save time, money, and other resources. This is achieved by scheduling of work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, and the resulting real-time reports which enable better management of the facility and its employees.

There are four basic functions of facilities management. The primary one is the improvement and upkeep of the physical building or the actual facility in facilities management. This includes maintenance and repair of the building, cleaning and decor of the workplace, and property management on-site and off-site.

Then there is the function of supporting people and creating a work environment for them which is engaging and accommodating at the same time. The facility managers support the employees in many ways including desking arrangements, space optimization, and also managing employee directories.

Another function is establishing processes and order at work. These governance processes include reserving space within building premises, submission of work-order requests, checking in of guests and visitors, and emergency planning.

Finally, the last function is the integration of technology. This means the management plays a key role in identifying the right technology and implementing it. It includes determining the cost of smart technologies and their return on investment, researching on IoT devices and also integrating them into everyday processes. 

Computer-aided facilities management software proves itself extremely useful because it makes it easier to manage large organizations with numerous employees and complex space management requirements.

The best facility management software for you would be one that caters to your needs perfectly. This means the best software would be one that has all the features that are applicable to your requirements.

Having said that, Folio3 has a Facility CMMS that is fully customizable to your requirements.

A CAFM administrator is someone who is responsible for the operation and administration of the organization’s Computer-aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system. He is in charge of scheduling work orders with all the details such as the asset in question, location, etc., and assigning them to workers. He then tracks the performance of these workers, performs quality checks, and reviews the assets on the premise through real-time reports.

Facility management is essential for businesses for several reasons. First of all, it helps the business increase cost-efficiency by minimizing the costs of managing the space. Secondly, it elongates the lifespan of your assets and facilities. It also lets you manage and maintain health and safety standards and requirements. This also helps businesses to stay ahead of compliance issues and monitor and maintain them accordingly. The importance of facility management increases in direct proportion with the size of the organization. Facility management is extremely important for enterprises, and there is dedicated enterprise facility management software available for it.

Facility maintenance is basically the process of augmenting the utility of a building by better management of the building. This is done by regularly checking, servicing, and maintaining the spaces in and around a facility or building, capital assets, and commercial appliances through generating work orders and scheduling tasks. The goal of facility maintenance management is to ensure the functionality, safety, efficiency, and comfort of the facility, the people working in it, and the areas surrounding it.

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