Digital Form Checklist

Easily Configure Digital Forms & Checklists for Accurate, Real-Time Data Collection

  • Dynamic form builder allows you to create digital forms and checklists for your workers.
  • Associate your forms with your tasks and work orders and make them available to your field workers.
  • Create, edit, update or delete your own forms and checklists.
  • Custom fields allow you to capture multiple data types including images, text, time, temperature, formula, integer, decimal, and more.

Simplify Form Submission for Workers with a User-Friendly App for Smartphones & Tablets

  • Workers can submit data and checkoff checklist items from their smartphones.
  • Add photo capture feature to your digital forms and enable your workers to attach images with.
  • Workers can select a work order and view a list of all associated forms and checklists within that work order.
  • The app works offline, enabling workers to auto submit data when connectivity is available.
Worker submitting digital form of maintenance checklist
Digital Form Real Time Report

Real-Time Reporting Makes it Easy to Analyze Form Submissions and Make Informed Decisions

  • Forms and checklists filled by workers are instantly available for reporting and analysis.
  • Get instant alerts about quality issues across all areas of your maintenance operations. Rule-based notifications and alerts allow you to remedy quality issues before they arise.
  • With real-time insight into task progress & worker performance, keeping track of productivity and measuring KPIs has never been easier.

Digital Form Builder Built for All Industries

Revolutionize Your Maintenance Management And Become Further Proactive With Digital Forms

Our maintenance management software has an in-built Dynamic Task Designer that lets you digitize complex paper-based forms while streamlining data collection and improving efficiency

Simplify your maintenance, today!

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