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The challenges being faced by organizations, and the pressure they are in because of safety and compliance laws, are intensifying every day. EcoDocs is a health and safety management software that facilitates companies in assessing the risks involved. It then helps in building and implementing appropriate measures in order to prevent illnesses and injuries and maintain a safe environment at work.


Simplify Compliance and Safety

EcoDocs simplifies compliance and helps your organization automate processes, and identify and resolve issues, while adhering to safety standards.


Standardize Work Processes

Streamline and improve performance by standardizing your processes with a single safety management system that governs and guides them.


Track Your Performance

Utilize business intelligence to determine the efficiency of your safety management program and track violations and work performance.

Reduce Total Recordable Injuries by Becoming Proactive with Our Compliance Safety System

  • The most frequent incidents that take place at work are not due to unforeseen circumstances but by simply failing to adhere to safety regulations and stick to procedure.
  • Becoming proactive by taking the right precautions and abiding by basic safety standards can prevent a lot of injuries such as cuts, strains, sprains, falls, etc.
  • Design short digital inspections and automate procedures with our EHS management software so that employees stay vigilant and learn to adopt safety as a culture.
compliance safety system
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Inspect and Identify Problems Before They Occur with Our Safety Reporting Software

  • Our risk and safety management software has real-time tracking and analytics that helps identify common failures and issues and guides in finding and tackling weaknesses in your process that may lead to injuries and incidents.
  • The safety software is in fact, a compliance safety system, which provides transparency and accountability so that employees can view what’s happening and report problems and issues to the relevant staff right away and assign work orders to fix issues as soon as they arise.

Streamline Your Processes and Workflows with Our EHS Compliance Software

  • Make your key processes and workflows like inspection surveys and findings, risk assessments, and incidents and their reporting more efficient by building standardized and consistent processes across business units and sites.
  • Plan your workflow and automate it with the help of our EHS system in order to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and organizations.
  • Never miss audit and compliance deadlines with recurring reminders and schedules using our OSHA compliance software.
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Manage Your Inspection and Audit Programs with Our Audit Scheduling Software

  • Plan, and execute risk assessment programs by defining parameters and scope of work, assessing the associated risks, and tracking changes as shifts and work scenarios change.
  • Identify risks and comply with the regulations while managing all inspection and audit programs as well as regulatory compliance.
  • Accelerate your inspection and audit processes as well as streamline tracking and reporting.
  • Use our checklist maker to make your own checklists or use standardized checklists.

Track Your Performance with Our Safety Tracking Software

  • Identify trends, risks, and issues with the help of cutting-edge tools and metrics in our occupational health and safety management system.
  • Gain actionable insight into the performance of your company and ensure that corrective measures are taken in order to avoid the recurrence of safety hazards and compromising behavior.
  • Leverage the transparency and accountability you get with our corporate safety program and track and report all the hazardous behaviors and conditions in your organization.
safety tracking software

Manage Regulatory Compliances

Manage compliance with legal and other requirements. Create digital forms and checklists, automate workflows, assign tasks, and receive real time notifications







Drive your Safety Management Program with Our Revolutionary Workplace Safety Software

Our health and safety reporting software has powerful features that enable you to streamline your work processes while taking care that you are compliant with all safety regulations that apply to you.

Safety Management Software for All Industries


If you are wondering what is EHS software and what it does, you should know that it is a safety management software that enables organizations to identify and anticipate risks, and manage them effectively, thereby preventing illnesses, injuries and all adverse impacts of the environment.

It is basically a data-base driven environmental health and safety management system integrated with compliance and regulatory associations in order to help companies abide by the standards relevant to it and adopt safety as a culture.

A safety management system is developed in order to help organizations manage safety and associated measures in the workplace. It makes the management of safety and control data easier, and also enables real-time tracking and reporting of such data. It takes relevant data from safety/industrial hygiene, occupational health, and also environment/waste management.

A safety management system includes plans, objectives, procedures, policy, responsibilities, organization, and other such measures.. An OSHA safety management system would be one that completely adheres to OSHA standards and uses them as the benchmark.

There are several benefits of implementing a safety management system in your organization. The first one is safety performance and health of the workers is improved. This also keeps your workers motivated.

The second one is that there are fewer incidents and accidents and thereby also lesser related costs, and this especially applies to construction companies that implement a construction health and safety management system. It also helps in making the business workflow and processes more efficient.

Fewer accidents also leads to a better image in the public and hence, easier access to financial help and minimum insurance premiums. It also improves compliance with regulatory standards and drives corporate social responsibility.

EHS stands for Environmental, Health, and Safety.

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