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Our easy to use, Fleet Maintenance Software facilitates maximum uptime and efficiency, whereby delivering considerable cost and time savings. It enables you to track preventive maintenance and repairs of your vehicles and equipment such as planes, carriers, backhoes, generators and even golf carts.


Digitize Maintenance Work

Digitize maintenance work and empower your teams by making key fleet information and data available digitally, accessible from any device.


Acquire Accurate, Real-Time Data

Our fleet management program facilitates higher degrees of data and system integration, enabling real-time data entry and reporting with accuracy.


Make Smarter Decisions

With our maintenance CMMS you can see all your data in real-time via graphs and charts, helping you to identify trends and discrepancies that need to be addressed.

Overcome Your Fleet Management Challenges With Our Feature-Driven Full-Fledged CMMS

Our fleet CMMS software enables managers to schedule, organize and track all their maintenance activities and establish better control over fleet maintenance operations with its cutting-edge features and powerful capabilities


Work Order Management

Create work orders based on preventive upkeep due or repair requests. Track your work order's status from start to finish and effectively indicate parts and labour contribution.


Dynamic Forms & Checklists

Create and maintain checklists as part of a work order, catering to subtasks and checklist items. Maintenance checklists can be customized and used for multiple work orders.


Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance software allows you to define preventive maintenance tasks that can be tracked by date, hours, kilometers etc and receive instant notifications.


Asset & Equipment Management

Our asset management software offers a set of complete parts inventory feature. Easily track the usage of parts on your fleet and generate parts usage report.


Mobile CMMS

A fleet maintenance app featuring offline mode and easier order management allows you to assign and track your maintenance operations on the go.


Advanced Reports

Utilize the maintenance dashboard of the fleet maintenance software to ensure proper maintenance and to determine if your vehicles are delivering optimal performance.

CMMS Software Built for Fleet Maintenance Management



Control maintenance costs, proactively avoid breakdowns, extend asset life, align availability of vehicles and ensure the safety of your trucks with our truck maintenance software.



Our delivery software solution helps meet the maintenance needs of your transportation business, enabling you to save money and time. It serves as the best solution if you are a messenger, carrier, courier, freight broker or dispatching service.


Cabs & Car Rentals

Get the most from your cars and equipment with the best car maintenance software. Make maintenance work easier, more organized and cut maintenance costs proactively, whereby ensuring you are operating at full capacity.


Public Transport

From planes and trains to busses, proper maintenance and customer safety is a vital part of this industry. Meet the critical transportation, especially public transportation maintenance needs with our fleet vehicle maintenance software.



Plan maintenance strategy, monitor vessel performance and identify required spare parts for any kind of machinery with our fleet maintenance software. It allows you to exercise standardized and centralized control over day-to-day maintenance activities.



A powerful but straight-forward aircraft maintenance management solution that allows you to monitor work-flows, track performance and check reports in real-time to ensure all the maintenance work is carried out in the most effective manner.


Fleet management software is a software that enables fleet managers to effectively handle and accomplish certain tasks while managing any and all aspects of operating a fleet organization. The software digitizes fleet management processes and helps in easier management of tasks such as vehicle maintenance, management and scheduling of drivers tasks, licensing and registering vehicles, developing fuel-efficiency strategies, keeping track of meter readings, etc. 

Fleet management software helps fleet managers manage the processes, events, and tasks related to all the vehicles owned from their inventory and maintenance to their eventual disposal.

It does this by issuing tasks in detailed work orders, which specify who assigned the task, who it’s assigned to, the vehicle concerned, the task to be done, the estimated time frame, the estimated cost, and the location. This enables managers to be able to track the work order all the way to completion, getting real-time reports at every step of the way.

This is why it’s also known as a fleet scheduling software that helps manage vehicles, its drivers, the drivers’ schedules, their licenses, and also track and report real-time information at every step. 

The best fleet management software would be one that fulfills all your fleet management software needs and manages all your fleet management tasks perfectly while reducing costs and boosting ROI at the same time. This means the best software solution for you would be one that is tailor-made for you.

EcoDocs is a full-fledged package when it comes to web-based fleet maintenance software because it covers all industries and encompasses all your software needs. Moreover EcoDocs can be as general or as specific as you would like it to be because of the huge scope and the ability to completely customize the solution to be unique for you.

First, you should establish what you want to achieve with this program. Set your goals and finish your planning. Determine how many vehicles you need to track. Then you need a full picture of how the current situation is with assets, workers, and everything.

Then you should build KPIs in order to measure and gauge whether your fleet maintenance tracking program is working in achieving these KPIs. Then you decide the intervals for getting the vehicles and other machinery checked and maintained.

Next, you have to look for just the right fleet maintenance software for you, which can enable you to manage your maintenance program easily. You also have to prioritize your vehicles and build a preventive maintenance schedule for them so that your vehicles keep running smoothly, and are regularly checked and serviced.

Then you have to train your drivers and other staff for the program so that everyone is on the same page and knows what to do and how the program is run and what steps are to be taken.

Lastly you should create a fleet maintenance checklist that assists you in keeping track of your KPIs and managing them.

Aircraft preventive maintenance includes changing the oil and filter for engines, servicing the wheel bearings and shock struts for the landing gear, and refilling the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir. It also includes the replacement, when needed, of defective safety wires, safety bulbs, reflectors, landing lights, spark plugs, hose connections, batteries, and any cowling that does not require the removal of propellors.

Fleet management enables you to make proper schedules and improve dispatching which allows you to accomplish more jobs and tasks in a given time period.

It lets you automate and digitize your fleet reports and receive them in real-time and therefore benefit from trend analysis by using a fleet maintenance software. It also lets you improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. Since the drivers know they are constantly being tracked they will do their jobs on time and won’t be wasting their time or fuel. This also helps in eliminating worker fraud and also reduces labor costs as well as fuel costs.

It enables you to improve fleet safety, whether it’s the vehicles’ safety, which can be improved due to regular preventive maintenance, or the driving, which can also be improved looking at trends and training the drivers accordingly. This helps in achieving longer lifespans for the vehicles and also helps in getting improved insurance benefits because fleet management enhances compliance with regulations.

Lastly, it greatly improves customer service and customer satisfaction in addition to driver satisfaction. Safer fleets and timely schedules make for great service and more customers and ultimately, more revenue and profits.

Fleet maintenance refers to the resources and effort put in by an organization to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its vehicles and making sure they are safe and operable. It is the process of checking, service, and repair of all the vehicles critical for an organization and its operation.

A vehicle maintenance plan is a structured mileage or time-period based preventive maintenance plan built to ensure the wellbeing and safety of vehicles. It includes but is not limited to a regular interior and exterior cleaning program, other scheduled maintenance such as hoses, belts, and other parts. It also includes regular mechanic safety inspections, oil changes, tuning, tire maintenance and replacement, and wheelchair lift repair and servicing. Vehicle maintenance can be made a lot easier with implementing a vehicle maintenance log software.

A fleet management system incorporates a lot of different functions, like telematics, vehicle tracking, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, and management of fleet drivers. It incorporates and makes use of all these to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the employed vehicles and its drivers, and thereby aim to maximize productivity and ROI.

Preventive maintenance is carried out by making scheduled checks on the vehicles by experienced mechanics and subsequent maintenance and repair. Drivers are given smart devices where they can receive and accept work orders and tasks, which are cloud-based and the status of the work orders can be tracked by managers anywhere. Moreover, the vehicles have GPS installed so the location of the driver and the vehicles can always be tallied on an automobile fleet management software.

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