Best for Breeders

  • Facilitates in the improvement of breeding results by using breeding history from past pedigree records and advanced breeding metrics.
  • Delivers real-time performance statistics for breeding such as Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs).
  • Digitizes the cattle herd record book and livestock records and generates breeding reports in real-time.
  • Helps keep track of semen and embryo inventory and helps decide the correct time for artificial insemination, and tracks and records the process for the future.
Cattle Breeders
Cattle Feedlots

Tailored for Feedlots

  • Our feedlot management software lets managers build custom workflows to automate feedlot management.
  • Helps you collect accurate real-time data, track your commercial herds using our mobile cattle tracker, and eliminate paperwork with our livestock management software.
  • Helps managers in generating scheduled tasks to make sure the cattle herds and herd or flock of sheep are fed on time and taken care of.
  • Digitizes your farm ledger book and helps control expenses with a farm expense tracker.

Ideal for Processing and Packaging Plants

  • Helps implement rigorous quality assurance and safety standards and schedule preventive maintenance for all assets.
  • Let’s you authorize your management to be able to initiate work order requests and encourages transparency.
  • Facilitates in minimizing costs, maximizing productivity, and improving cattle ranch management.
  • Our cattle inventory software helps in integrating the maintenance data of the processing equipment with your inventory and purchasing data to forecast accurately.

Complete Traceability from Farm-to-Fork

  • Reduce recalls and the costs of resolving them by more than half.
  • Our cattle record-keeping software has a digital cattle logbook and herd tracker that lets you keep track of tasks and put together all important tracking events and view them in real-time.
  • You have complete visibility from the fields in your farm to the final product at the restaurant or retailer with the help of smart embedded ear tag sensors like Radio Frequency Identifier tags (RFID) and Electronic Identification Devices (EID).

Stay Compliant with Our
Farm Management Software

Our animal management software prioritizes safety and compliance over everything and can enable you to connect with relevant regulatory authorities.







Leverage Total Traceability and Save Costs with the Best Cattle Management Software

We enable managers to schedule tasks to automate maintenance activities and track these activities while also ensuring quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

Cattle Management Software for All Industries


The herd is the collective noun used for a group of four-legged usually domesticated animals whereas a flock is used to describe a group of birds. However, sheep are an exception to this rule because a group of sheep is also known as a flock. This is because sheep often exhibit flock behavior, which is similar to following a leader like the one birds do, and they also like to congregate. This is why it is usually herds of cows and flocks of sheep.

Farm record keeping is very important for breeders as well as farmers and feedlot managers in general. There are several types of farm records. There are valuation records, yield and production records, profit and loss records, labor and payroll records, farm inventory records, animal health records, and breeding records. These can then be further categorized into cattle record keeping, swine record keeping, and goat record keeping. Even cattle record keeping can be further categorized into beef cattle record keeping, beef feed record keeping, and cow-calf record keeping. A good animal record-keeping software can take care of all of these. Sometimes the software can also be customized for specific animals such as swine record-keeping software or beef cattle management software.

If you mean your business name, you need to register the name of your cattle business with your state government.

If you engage in commercial cattle farming and want to register your cattle, you can apply for registration for your cattle either through US mail or online. You simply have to fill out a form and pay up.

However, you need to fulfill a few requirements to be eligible to apply. You need tattoo numbers for your animals, a copy of the DNA parentage report, and the barcode from the DNA parentage report. This way you will get your registered herds.

If you are wondering how to start a cattle farm from scratch, let us help you out. First, you have to create a detailed business plan. Then you reach out and try to get the best support and business advice. Then you offer your farmers any training that you may think is necessary to help your business in the long run.

After this, you try to determine what the legal structure can look like and think up of a company name before you register it with your government. Then you obtain a tax identification number and register for taxes that apply to you after which you apply for and obtain any other licenses and permits you require.

Finally, find the funds for your business and get started.

Depending on the kind of livestock in question, they can be considered as inventory or assets. Production animals that have shorter lifespans may be considered inventory. However, usually, livestock and breeding animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and other animals with longer lifespan are considered assets.

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