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The constantly changing internal policies, regulations, standards, and laws warrant the need of a powerful and effective compliance software for organizations to remain successful and compliant. EcoDocs provides you with the perfect compliance management solution that offers a variety of risk and regulatory compliance and control processes while ensuring transparency and accountability.

The Power of Regulatory Intelligence

  • Leverage digital forms and checklists for compliance standards and regulatory guidelines and ensure integrity and honesty in your business processes.
  • Relate your controls and processes to the best practices, and regulatory compliance laws for your organization.
  • Take advantage of integrations with authoritative and reliable regulatory sources and incorporate regulations and standards into your business and monitor them.
  • Stay updated about changing policies and regulations with automated alerts and notifications.
regulatory intelligence
issue management

Issue Management and Damage Control

  • Identify deficiencies, control gaps, and other issues in the processes and manage them accordingly.
  • Mark the issues that require correction and assign the tasks to the respective owners for remediation.
  • Build remediation plans and direct them to reviewers for approval before implementing them.
  • Take advantage of real-time tracking of the process of issue remediation and management.
  • Automate workflows by generating automated work orders, reports, and notifications, thereby accelerating the process.

Compliance Surveys and Assessments

  • Construct, design, and implement self-assessment and control tests with the help of digital questionnaires and surveys.
  • Make assessments effective by selecting appropriate control samples and assigning them to assessors and testers in order to make fair assessments.
  • Save and document the results of the self-assessment and control tests while segregating the compliance and non-compliance issues, enabling you to ascertain and certify control efficiency.
compliance assessments surveys

Synced Coordination

  • Direct control content, approvals, and test results to control owners automatically through a flexible workflow.
  • Involve and take help from multiple functions across the organization such as legal, IT, audit, risk, and compliance.
  • Track, manage, and store all critical data including permit dates on a centralized dashboard while ensuring that all permit activities get completed on time via automated notifications.
  • Manage and track customer complaints and corresponding actions effectively.

Centralized Control Library

  • Access, edit, store, and share all your organization’s documentation with one tap from a single centralized cloud-based dashboard.
  • Categorize and structure the controls and processes, assign them to different control owners and align them with risk, processes, and other such data elements, making them easier to manage.
  • Use search and retrieval, access control, and revision tracking in order to facilitate automation of document processes.
control library
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Dynamic Real-time Reporting and Documentation​

  • Gain full insight into compliance management using drill-down techniques via powerful visual dashboards.
  • View the compliance data in the EcoDocs applications easily on real-time dashboards displaying progress of the workflows related to compliance.
  • Engage the control owners, auditors, executives, and testers with live reports on your control environment.
  • Monitor process ownership, control design status, self-assessment, control tests and attributes, test results, etc via real-time reports.

EcoDocs Benefits

A centralized cloud-based platform for tracking compliance with regulatory requirements and changes, while automating as well as managing documentation and compliance processes, EcoDocs is more than a regulatory compliance software. It offers you a wide range of benefits for your organization.

Improve Visibility

Real-time insight about compliance activities

Automate Processes

Eliminate manual processes and automate tasks

Centralize Compliance

Take advantage of a single secure dashboard

Maximize Accountability

Real-time reporting improves accountability

Remain Informed

Stay up to date with regulatory change alerts

Address Issues

Address regulatory and compliance issues

Your Personalized Compliance
Management Solution

One of the best compliance software, EcoDocs lets you discover a world of possibilities while staying compliant as you integrate with various standards:







Overcome Your Compliance Challenges With Our Powerful Compliance Automation Software

Our regulatory compliance management software has inbuilt tools that help you streamline your data collection and workflow while helping you stay updated and compliant with industry standards


A compliance management system can be defined as a structured, integrated system, which is comprised of documents, processes, functions, tools, and controls that help an organization to be legally compliant with the regulations and standards that apply to it. It is essentially a maintenance management software that also enables you to manage document compliance, industry compliance, regulatory compliance reporting, and regulatory compliance analytics all under a single dashboard as an enterprise compliance management system.

Regulatory compliance software is software that helps organizations to track and monitor internal processes and controls in order to ensure that industry regulations and standards are being met.

It is important for an organization’s success because it facilitates corporate compliance management and makes it easier by automating document management compliance issues.

The first thing you need to do in order to manage risk compliance effectively is regulatory compliance risk assessment. It would be impossible to manage risk without understanding it completely and making regular assessments.

Secondly, you’d have to have an excellent risk and regulatory compliance management software installed so you have less to worry about. This will make your management more than ten times easier and also takes care of the other point which is automation.

Automation of processes enables you to free up your time and resources and utilize them instead of wasting them. This reduces risk and thus, is a major help in managing it.

You have to understand the regulations, standards, policies, and laws, that pertain to your industry and implement them accordingly. Make sure you invest in building a culture that is compliance centric. This way, there will be minimal effort since it will already be embedded in your company’s culture.

Lastly, you have to make sure you keep updated with the constantly changing laws and regulations. A good compliance management software like EcoDocs will help you take care of all of this.

A compliance checklist is an extremely useful tool that is mainly used by internal and external auditors to check if an organization is compliant with industry standards, internal policies, and government regulations.

These checklists enable businesses to discover any discrepancies in their processes and controls which can be then further improved so that the requirements are met.

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