Golf Course Maintenance

What is Golf Course Maintenance?

Golf course maintenance involves tasks that are performed in order to maintain the resources of the golf course and ensure that each and every resource is in good condition. These maintenance tasks include replacement and repair, availability of carts, moving, elimination of ball marks, repairing a divot, aeration, taking care of playing conditions, and so on. These tasks must be performed daily so as to ensure that that gold curse is fit to play at.

Golf Course Greens Maintenance

Removing Ball Marks

It is necessary to remove marks of balls and to perfect the greens. It must be the priority of every golf club in charge. Among all other golf course maintenance activities, removing ball marks stands as the most important one. However, if you are not removing ball marks on a regular basis, you should always check the putting greens and tee boxes for visible signs of wear and tear.

As you know, that a golf ball, when falls from the sky, creates marks and depression on the putting surface. Due to this, it damages the grass and makes it uneven.

Ball marks destroy speed and slope, and that is against not only etiquettes but also disturbs the game. Therefore it is necessary to inspect the grass for ball marks regularly and fix the spotted marks with a ball mark repairing tool.

Putting Green Perfection

Every golfer wishes to have putting green perfection when playing at a golf course. Fast greens and firm fairways are top priorities of golfers. For putting green perfection, you must adopt three approaches:

  • Speed
  • Slope
  • Firm

Three tools can be used to ensure putting green perfection. These include the digital level,TruFirm, and Stimpmeter.

Rake Bunkers

Sand bunkers or bunkers help to display the abilities of a golf player to play in the sand. Bunkers work as a handicap,  temporary one, that a skilled player can overcome with his determination, skills, and luck.

Every gold course must have bunkers, and they must be of high quality. Maintenance of these bunkers is necessary so they can play their part fairly. Bunkers require special care from the golf course maintenance team. Raking bunkers multiple times a week is very important.

Repairing Divots

When it comes to golf course maintenance, most clubs maintain their own golf club guides. However, the golf course maintenance schedule remains the same for all. Daily divot maintenance tops the list of golf course lawn care.

Let’s understand what are golf divots and what they mean.

When stroking a golf ball, players cut turf’s piece. It can also happen because of their boots. This is something they cannot avoid. However, you can fix this issue and repair these divots. It does not happen regularly, but it depends on the golf club’s size and the number of players who play there daily. So if your club gets heavy traffic, you need to inspect for divots daily.

Golf Course Mowing

During the golf season, the practice of mowing is common. The mowers cut the grass and smooth it. Removing leaf blades and ensuing a fine grass cut is the top priority of the golf club maintenance team. A perfectly mowed golf course makes players happy and ensures their presence at your club regularly.

Golf Course Pond Maintenance

Golf courses that feature ponds must ensure proper maintenance and inspection of the pond on a regular basis so that they are free of algae, odors and do not attract hive of insects. Golf courses get most traffic when their lakes are clean and sparkly as they maintain a peaceful and clean environment. This is why golf course maintenance managers must ensure that ponds are always in good condition.Pond maintenance tasks involve sediment removal and other related activities that keep ponds from appearing dirty and unattractive.

Golf Cart Maintenance Checklist

Golf course maintenance also involves tasks relating to the maintenance of golf carts. Maintenance managers must ensure golf carts are in good working conditions. There can be issues that you can easily fix using the golf cart manual. Let’s discuss some golf cart maintenance tasks:

Minor Issues

A preventative golf cart maintenance checklist can help you fix certain issues. Here is a small checklist that can help you prevent the unexpected breakdown of carts:

  • Inspect the battery connection and condition.
  • If your carts are powered by gas, inspect for gas level, fuel filter, and fuel lines.
  • Inspect air filters ad spark plugs (gas-powered golf carts)

Semi-Annual, Annual, and Monthly Maintenance

Golf cart maintenance expert or manager can fix issues with basic troubleshooting. However, for Semi-Annual, Annual, and Monthly Maintenance, it is better to have professionals on board. If you do not have a team of professionals, you can always hire one from a reliable company with relevant experience. The best part is that you can get a custom golf cart maintenance plan for your golf course according to your requirements and schedule. Here are some basic checklists for golf cart maintenance:


  • Charging your electric golf cart
  • Adding electrolytes and water on a weekly basis if your golf carts do not have a single port watering system.


Checking the pressure in tires

Performing battery maintenance for electric golf carts

Checking water levels for electric carts

Cleaning the battery compartment

Inspecting mirrors, signal lights, interior, and exterior of your carts.


  • Inspecting the system of brakes
  • Checking electrical system
  • Ensuring battery maintenance if your carts are powered by gas
  • Front-wheel alignment
  • Lubricating the front suspension and charger receptacle for electric carts
  • Checking the Solenoid in gas-powered golf carts
  • Inspect wipers and windshields
  • Inspecting gauges


  • Inspecting tire rotation
  • Alignment
  • Changing oil
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Changing air filters
  • Inspecting clutch function
  • Inspecting exhaust pipe/muffler
  • Inspecting oil level on the rear differential

Benefits Of Using A CMMS For Golf Course Maintenance

Using a CMMS for golf course maintenance can help you t boost your productivity and maintain a schedule for preventative maintenance. There are several benefits that a golf course maintenance software can offer you. However, the most important one is that you can stay organized, which is vital for your business’s success. A CMMS ensures you are catering to your golf course’s needs.

Golfers look for courses where everything is in proper working condition, from the golf course to carts, property, and all other aspects. In order to ensure your course meets their requirements, you can use a CMMS that will enable your team to:

  • Maintain preventative maintenance programs
  • Tracks orders
  • Track progress
  • Develop asset tracking
  • Using mobile devices for inspection and managing tasks

And so on.

Running a golf course comes with unique challenges, and it is vital for a course to have a dedicated maintenance team however, a CMMS can enhance the productivity of the team. Requesting repairs, scheduling preventative maintenance tasks, checking the status of tasks, and getting instant notifications can improve the performance of your golf course and its maintenance team.

Maintenance software for golf course enables you to track your assets and all maintenance equipment such as trimmers, mowers, carts, weed eaters, etc. You can even plan your budget and use the software remotely using your mobile devices anytime and anywhere. This way, you always stay on top of the maintenance team’s progress.

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