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Given the complexity of today’s food supply chain caused by the evolution of industrial processes and consumer demand for foreign food, it is more important than ever that products are effectively tracked. For this purpose and maintenance of high production speeds, many traceability software and food safety software are available in the market.

They provide modular traceability and assist food manufacturers in improving their processes and supplying chain efficiencies. If you are confused about what food traceability exactly is then keep reading to learn more.

What is Food Traceability Software?

Food traceability refers to systems that track the movement of food across the food supply chain. Food traceability software can easily track all the steps from production, processing to packaging, and distribution. 

Specifications and Features Food Traceability Software Offers

You might be wondering about what kind of features food traceability software offers. Let us tell you. They keep a record of all the details of the whole process.

Supplier Management: It keeps a record of details of the supplier approval process. It also provides the estimated rating and score to the vendor and supplier and calculates and identifies the possible risk of non-compliance and helps create a workflow for remediation actions. 

Traceability: It monitors, tracks, and follows all raw materials and final products with better stock control. The best feature that these food safety apps provide is the tracking record of the entire process.

Product Quality Control: By using this traceability software, the quality check is made for all products to ensure that the best of all reaches the consumers.

Provide Dashboard Display: Most food safety software provides the feature of displaying food safety metrics on the dashboard which keeps the record of the results of all quality tests and other measures.


Benefits of Food Traceability Software

By practicing the right steps, the users of traceability software, which are generally the manufacturers and the distributors, can make the most of their work by staying up to date on all the details of their products. Some of the benefits of using the food safety traceability apps are:

Advanced and Better Food Safety

The foodtraceability software helps to ensure food safety by identifying defective products and assisting in the initiation of the recall process of products that have already been distributed.

It can also prevent your manufacturing unit from generating more of the faulty product in advance. This may keep the contaminated food off the shelves and prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

The prevention of foodborne diseases is enough of a good reason for the companies and manufacturers to start using these food safety soft wares. Incidents associated with the food safety of a product can affect a whole sector so it is always a safe choice to use this traceability software.

By putting in place an adequate solution, your supply chain can prove that its product is safe and not linked to any ongoing outbreaks. 

Better and Improved Supply Chain of Food

A food manufacturer or distributor can improve the efficiency of the supply chain through food traceability software, largely through increased audits, better inventory control, and good record keeping. The record-keeping track helps the owners to improve over the spaces which need some effort to provide better products. 

Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Food traceability software provides greater stock visibility. Stock management has always been an important component of food traceability and proves to be of great help to the food manufacturers to keep and plan a healthy balance to their production units and sales.

Prevention from Counterfeiting of Food

The use of this software is also of great help as they help and protect the food company owners from fraud while supplying and delivering the products.

Every year the manufacturers of these food industries face a loss of about 10 to 15 billion dollars due to fraud and forge actions. However, by active use of these food safety apps and software, this can all be stopped.

It is 2021 and all food manufacturers must shift towards using this advanced traceability software but never make the mistake of completely leaving everything on the system.

Although there is a tracking system, it is not an anti-recall guarantee, and you must always be open and honest with your consumers when it comes to recalls because good customer service is what helps a company understand what the potential consumers want and what are theirs complains. In the end, whatever food product a company delivers, they must ensure the use of these traceability apps to ensure the safe production to the safe delivering process of their respective products.

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