Hotel Maintenance Checklist

What is a Hotel Maintenance?

Hotel maintenance is a method used by hotels to improve and maintain the standard of amenities and services provided by the hotel. A tool used by hotel staff is the hotel maintenance checklist, used to conduct smooth operations for hotel maintenance.

Being a part of the hospitality industry is not a piece of cake. It requires a dedicated and focused team of individuals to help in maintaining and running the hotel in a certain way; a way that ensures that all your customers and guests are provided with the best of care and services in town. This ensures customer loyalty and genuine positive reviews on various platforms and through word of mouth, helping to increase your profits. This is only possible with a properly managed team that carries out hotel maintenance religiously and smoothly.    

What is a Hotel Maintenance Checklist?

A hotel maintenance checklist is a tool used by the hotel maintenance management team to help carry out all the tasks necessary for maintaining the quality of amenities and services provided by the hotel. Keeping a track of all the hotel maintenance would be a very difficult task; chances of some tasks being missed are high since a hotel is a big space to manage. Hotel checklists help the staff to ensure that all maintenance tasks are performed according to due diligence, and no task is skipped. Since the hotel carpets are trodded twenty-four hours a day, there must be two separate teams for the maintenance of the hotel- one team that works in the morning and the other team that works in the evening. This ensures that the staff is not overburdened with the hotel maintenance duties, and they can perform their tasks thoroughly. All various areas of the hotel must be cleaned and maintain thoroughly so that no guest can have a chance of spotting any unclean area. These areas include the lobby, front desk, rooms, etc. The hotel pm checklist is different from the hotel am checklist.    

Hotel Maintenance Checklists

A well-managed hotel maintenance is only possible if you have good team members who perform their tasks diligently. To keep a better track and record of the hotel management, hotel maintenance checklists are used.

The numerous hotel maintenance checklists include the following:

Hotel Checklist

This checklist is a good tool to inspect the hotel staff and facilities. The whole hotel is inspected, from all the bathrooms to every single room.

Hotel Maintenance Checklist

The hotel maintenance checklist allows the hotel to maintain the standard of services for its guests.

Hotel Duty Manager Checklist

Hotel supervisors and managers to keep a track of and to evaluate the hotel staff’s capabilities and housekeeping, and to evaluate if the hotel is complying with all the hotel safety rules and regulations mainly use this checklist.  

Hotel Room Checklist

This checklist comes in handy when a guest checks in and checks out of the hotel room. It must be filled in before the room is assigned to any guest, and then it must be filled again when the guest checks out of the hotel. This gives the staff a better idea of the standard of the room once each guest leaves. If need be, the guest can even be fined or charged for any damage they may be done.

Hotel Room Inspection Checklist

This is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ checklist, focusing more on the general cleanliness of the room, its maintenance, and the amenities.

Hotel Housekeeping Checklist

All the different areas of the hotel are assessed for their cleanliness and sanitization. The hotel staff is also inspected for wearing their uniform correctly and practicing good oral hygiene.

Hotel Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Just like the rooms are an important part of any hotel, similarly, a kitchen is also a very big important part of the hotel. Storing the ingredients, processing them, and providing the guests with yummy food is not as easy as you may think. The food has to be prepared in such a way that it is free from all food hazards. This checklist helps to ensure that the kitchen is cleaned according to the protocols set by the food regulatory authorities, to help minimize the chances of any food hazards.

Hotel Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

The hotel bathroom cleaning checklist involves a thorough inspection of the bathroom. From the lights to the toilet seat, every little detail is inspected.

Hotel Inventory

Running a hotel requires a big inventory, that must be stocked and updated frequently. Managing a bigger stock of items requires proper management.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, hotels have started taking extra precautions for the safety and well being of their guests and staff.

What is Preventative Maintenance in a Hotel?

Preventative maintenance in a hotel helps in the early detection of any problem before a guest can experience it. This type of maintenance helps in keeping maintenance costs low, as even before a problem arises, it is detected during the inspection for a preventative maintenance session, and is corrected right away.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist for a Guest Room

A hotel preventative maintenance checklist template for a guest room typically involves the inspection of the following:


The room is inspected generally for any wall and ceiling repairs, incising wallpaper, wall paint, pictures, and the appearance. The smoke detector, ac, ceiling fans, and the room temperature is checked.


It involves the inspection of the main door, bathroom door, and the interconnecting room door, if applicable. The inspection helps to ensure that the room number plate, night latch, deadbolt, door bumper, peephole, and striker plates are all working normally and are in good condition.


The bathroom also goes through a thorough inspection. From the toilet paper holder to the toilet seat hinges, everything is checked to ensure that the guests have a comfortable stay at the hotel.


The sliding doors are checked if they are sliding perfectly, the doorstop, wall hooks, and the floor guides for the sliding door are also checked.

Drapery Track and Rollers

All the wand screws, drapery tracks, and rollers are checked, secured, and inspected thoroughly.

Windows and Mirrors

All windows are checked if they are secure and well lubricated. All mirror hangers and window hardware are checked and secured.


The furniture is inspected for any scratches, which are then removed. The handles and doorknobs are replaced, if necessary, and the drawer guides are lubricated. The headboards are checked and secured, if need be. the chair springs are also checked for any defects.


The telephone is checked if it is working fine- if it has a dial tone, dialing instructions. If there are major faults in the phone, it should be replaced.


Test the remote control- its batteries. Replace the batteries if necessary.

Switches and Receptacles

All the light switches and electric receptacles are tested. Any loose switches and receptacle covers must be tightened.


The lampshade, bulb, and switches are checked.

Heat Pumps

The air vent is cleaned, water lines are flushed, valves are inspected for leaks and their proper positions. The condensation drain is also cleaned, any mold seen is cleaned, and the air filters are changed or cleaned. The thermostat’s knob is also secured in its proper position.

All these preventative maintenance tasks help to prevent any major issue from happening while the guest is staying at your hotel. This must be carried out at least twice a year. A recap form will be placed at the beginning of the binder listing all rooms to indicate the preventative maintenance performance date.

EcoDocs Hotel Checklist App

EcoDocs, powered by Folio3, is a well-known software company, that caters to various businesses, to help them go paperless. This means that it provides these businesses with solutions to use their platform to take their business management on a digital level. Similarly, EcoDocs provides solutions for hotels in the form of a hotel checklist app, to help in the management and maintenance of the hotel. This app saves the hotel management staff from struggling with papers, and from not having an updated record. Furthermore, it allows the management staff and all other employees to stay connected and updated regarding the happenings in the hotel.

Final Thoughts

The hotel maintenance checklists help in the smooth operation of the hotel and help in saving up on additional costs of major repairs. The management of the hotel would become better if you decide to invest in a Hotel Checklist App, such as the one provided by EcoDocs.

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