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If you had the possibility to save trees and get your work done more efficiently at the same time, would you take the risk and enter the world of digital transformation for your business? The solution is simple enough – the use of an online form builder. Designing tasks using an online form generator is not only efficient, time-saving, and swift but is also eco-friendly as your employees will be completing the assigned tasks on their devices. 

Did you know that a typical office employee produces about 160kg of paper waste and it takes about 5 liters of water to create one A4 sized paper? In organizations where operations like maintenance and inspections are carried out using physical forms must require tonnes of paper on a yearly basis. The practice of using paper for daily tasks is causing considerable damage to the forests as many government and non-government organizations have already reported this issue.

If you are still confused, let us have a look at the top 7 reasons why an online form builder is the need of the hour:

1. Paperless & Eco Friendly

Saving trees is one of the most attention-grabbing movements around the globe. As there are many other causes of deforestation, cutting trees is one of them. This is one of the reasons why big and small industries belonging to any niche are embarking on a journey of digital transformation.

Using digital forms is one of the steps that many operations based industries are taking to ensure that the process of printing forms goes paperless through and through. There are many good form builder software or CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) that have started to emerge in the market offering digital form creation at reasonable prices. EcoDocs is one of the emerging products that provides its customers with an online form builder equipped with drag & drop functionality and responsiveness for all devices.

2. Easy to Use & Time Saving

In today’s age of technology, every domain has its own set of software to work on. For example, in medicine, there are some designated software used by the staff of the hospital to optimize the healthcare process. Likewise, employees working in Human Resources are equipped with specialized software that helps them automate their daily tasks to save time and money.

The industries where maintenance is a job to be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis need to acquire specialized online form maker software that helps them meet the specific requirements of the operations and saves time as well. Most of the maintenance management software offer easy to handle form builders using which a digital form can be created and assigned on fingertips by simple drag and drop functionality.

3. Various Field Types

One of the most eye-catching features of an online form builder is the diversity in field types that it provides. It gives the one working on digital forms the freedom to create forms that would take the least amount of time of the technician filling the form later. Some of the fields that distinguish an online form from the printed ones are:

1. Image Upload 

Image Upload is a feature that is widely used across all mobile and web applications worldwide. Gone are the days when black & white pictures were attached to a form. During inspections of different places, no matter which industry it is, the inspectors are required to attach images as proofs with the forms they are filling. The companies that don’t use online form generators spend more on the prints of those pictures to be attached to the physical forms. The modern online form builders all have the means for an inspector to capture the scene there & then and attach them with the digital forms.

2. Formula

Manually calculating to fill a particular requirement of a physical form can be troubling for many. This is the reason why online forms are the need of the hour through which auto-calculations of multiple fields within the digital form can be made possible.

3. Signature

During the recent COVID times, keeping social distance and avoiding physical contact with anything that does not belong to you or that has been used by many can increase your chances to catch the virus. In many companies, employees share office supplies like pens on a regular basis. To avoid this, digital signatures can come handy. The technician filling the form can give their e-signature through their fingertip which can later be converted into media and attached to the online form.

4. Geolocation

Gone are the days when there was a need to fill the entire address field. At times, the worker on-site doesn’t know the full address. The advent of digital maps has made it extremely convenient for people to locate their current addresses with just one click or tap. The modern online form builders are now offering this feature as a field type using which the worker or technician can give the exact whereabouts of the site using the geolocation field.  

If you are looking for solutions that offer such features and many more, you can check EcoDocs, a CMMS that enables its users to create digital forms with multiple types of fields. 

4. Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are the new reality of the world. There may be very few people left on the planet who don’t own a smartphone in the present age. In any industry, if the maintenance or inspection forms are to be filled, the most convenient for the technician or inspector would be to fill the online form using a smartphone or a tablet. If any CMMS software provides responsiveness, it can easily be considered as one of the best online forms builders as it is catering to all the needs an industry may have. EcoDocs is one of such products that come with not only a web application but lets the technician perform their tasks using a mobile application which is available for both android and iOS users.

5. Record Keeping

Record keeping is a crucial part of any operations based industry. What if all these records are accessible on just one click to the concerned authorities? The digital form builders let the companies organize the information more efficiently as all the data is at one place which can be further filtered whenever necessary. 

This functionality can be found in EcoDocs which provides the whole history of a task from its creation till performance. The manager who creates the task can see when the digital form was created, whether the task was performed or missed by the worker, if completed who performed the task and so on. 

6. Testable

While creating a digital form, how the end result would look to the technician would be a question that many online form creators would come up with. To cater to this issue, it is essential that the online form generator gives the liberty to preview the digital form before passing it to the worker. Some of the best form builder software nowadays provide this functionality to further ease the process of transforming from print forms to online forms. 

In EcoDocs’ form builder, there is a Preview functionality for the manager creating the task to see a live version of the online form. This helps in assuming how the digital form will be displayed to the worker or technician.

7. Cost-Effective

Every year companies spend thousands of dollars on purchasing paper for printouts. The increasing use of paper has not only caused deforestation but also contributes to excessive waste. The use of an online form maker software can not only help in keeping the environment clean but will also cut the budgets of many industries that they invest in A4 papers.

Using an online form builder will only require a working desktop where the companies can create forms and by providing wireless devices and internet access to the workers inspecting or maintaining the premises, the same work can be done in no time and no money.

EcoDocs – A CMMS Enabling Paperless, Eco Friendly Digitization of Your Forms

In the midst of unprecedented covid times, EcoDocs can be seen as a solution to many problems that the maintenance and inspection industries must be experiencing. It not only helps the workers maintain SOPs but will also bring convenience in many departments. Some of the top benefits of having EcoDocs as a CMMS in your company include:

  1. It provides offline support for the workers using the mobile app. In case the worker loses internet connection, the online forms can still be filled and later, the data can be synced when the internet availability is ensured.
  2. It allows the managers to create digital forms using an online form builder offering drag & drop functionality. Within minutes a new online form can be created and published for the worker to perform tasks.
  3. The online form builder has a variety of fields to accommodate all the requirements of any operations based industry. Some of the examples include Image Upload, File Upload, Address, Formula, eSignature, Multi-Select, Slider, Date Picker, Date-Time Picker, Counter, Short/Long Text, Temperature and Yes/No/Not Available. The form builder can also create innumerable sections within the same form and also gives the liberty to the manager to create subtasks within the same form or task.
  4. It allows the manager to preview the entire digital form before publishing it.
  5. The manager can also schedule the tasks while creating the online forms and the automated process will keep creating the same forms again and again according to the requirements provided.
  6. The manager creating the online forms can also give help pointers to the worker that would be performing the tasks.
  7. Rules can be set for each digital form and everytime a form is violated, the manager will be made aware of it using notifications.

All in all, EcoDocs is a complete package for companies looking forward to getting into digitalization of their everyday maintenance & inspection operations. 

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