Food Audit Tips
Tips for a Successful Food Safety Audit

Food safety refers to steps taken during food preparation, handling, and storage procedures designed to avoid disease and harm in food. Food items may pose a variety of health risks while traveling through the supply chain, from farm to plant

Digitalization Food Processing
Why is Digitalization Essential for Food Processors?

Digitalization affects all aspects of life. From how we remain informed to how we travel, how we purchase, and how we produce, from automobiles to cookies to creams. The enormous potential of digitization (big chances and huge dangers) changes company

Food Safety Automation
Automation for Detection of Food Safety Problems and Improved Quality

Processes of food safety are never flawless regardless of how much consumers, businesses, and public officials strive. During everyday food manufacturing and preparation, non-conformity occurs with numerous moving components and procedures. Many advantages may be derived from automated food production.

Digital HACCP
Steps of Adopting a Digital HACCP System

Most food safety regulatory systems demand the establishment of documented safety control plans by food manufacturers, distributors, and operators following the concepts of hazards analysis and critical control point (HACCP). However, the difficulties of detecting possible food safety risks may

Lean Management
Beyond HACCP: The 6S Lean Management System

The quality of the project management procedures has an important impact on the outputs and results of any project. The number of tools/methods utilized in project management work remains relatively restricted, despite the availability of a significant number of quality

Quality Management
How to Improve Your Food Quality Management System

In the food industry, quality management and food safety hold an immense amount of importance. But, how do you keep a score of all that? Many businesses use paper checklists to analyze if all things are in order. Not only

Food Safety Plan
Keeping Food Safe with a Food Safety Plan

Food items are one of the most traded goods on the planet. Every year, the world’s population continues to rise, and so do markets and international trade. The growing complexity of the production and increased consumption of food is unavoidable

Food and Beverages
Role of Technology in Improving the Production Processes in Food and Beverage Industry

Over recent years, technology has become a part of every facet of our lives. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in not only what we do in everyday life but also what we eat and drink. The food and beverage

Food Production Technologies
Technologies for Smart Food Production in 2022

Technology impacts the food industry as a whole, from production to delivery. The competitiveness of the companies operating in the food sector is strongly related to their capacity to adopt new technology. Technology is not usually the first thing that springs

Traceability Software
Traceability Software for Optimum Food Safety

Given the complexity of today's food supply chain caused by the evolution of industrial processes and consumer demand for foreign food, it is more important than ever that products are effectively tracked. For this purpose and maintenance of high production