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Workplace safety compliance is critical when it comes to maintaining a strong reputation in the market. Be it potential employees or consumers, this very factor matters on every level in the corporate sector. Enhancing the safety culture has to be a priority for every company, irrespective of the industry.

A Savior in a Deadly Scenario – Forms App

The Halifax Explosion that took place on 6th December 1917 in Canada led to the death of 2000 employees, leaving 9000 severely injured. It was one of the worst workplace disasters in history.

It was a result of workplace safety non-compliance, majorly negligence of the company. While this disaster killed thousands of people, it still was not significant enough for companies to take employee safety a bit seriously.

If not of this magnitude, countless other workplace safety accidents are prevalent across companies. From slip-, fall-, and trip-injuries to inhaling toxic fumes and from violence at work to repetitive strain injury, workers are exposed to significant injury risks. Such incidents not only impact the lives of the workers considerably but also leads a company towards monetary as well as non-monetary losses.

If you are considering revamping your safety compliance strategy, you might want to consider incorporating a forms app into it, as this can really change the game.

Fast, Accurate, and Customized Reporting

Life is unpredictable; you’ll never know what life has in store for you in the very next moment. To simply state, you need to be prepared for the worst, and what can help you in safety compliance than efficient reporting?

Authorities can land at your company’s doorstep for investigation at any moment. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, try to maintain efficient reports. This is where a forms app plays its part. Paper forms can really kill the entire impression and put you, along with your company, into major trouble.

With a forms app, all you need is your mobile device to access the information and create a report. Not only can you draw up reports in a matter of few minutes, but you also cut down data entry errors by 50%. You can do all this accordioning to the industry-specific standards, thanks to the customization feature.

Easy Identification of Risks

Truth be told, the job roles, as well as the work environments, are both subjects to change. They are dynamic fields that a company has to consider while working on ensuring workplace safety.

For this purpose, it is important for companies to constantly revisit their strategies and make sure they align with the changing dynamics. It is very important that companies carry out job hazard analysis (JSA) very frequently.

A forms app can work wonders when it comes to drafting JSA reports. To make sure the JSA your company is doing aligns with the changing dynamics, you need to adjust the forms. If you are manually managing the forms (paper-based), you are in for a very long time.

Managing paper-based forms demands extensive use of resources. It takes time and effort to make this happens while draining the resources of a company. With the forms app, you can easily fulfill JSA reports by streamlining and processes of the organization.

In just a matter of few minutes, you can make changes to the forms, and the new version will be available across a company in no time, ensuring every employee is on the same page.

A Chance to Prevent Incidents

The majority of the people in this world come with a solution when the problem turns into a massive issue. If you are one of them, you need to live by one rule of life, ‘prevention is better than cure.’

Know that almost every workplace injury incident is preventable if a company has a close eye on the ‘close calls.’ Well, as an employer, it is quite difficult to keep an eye on such close calls and maintain a near-miss report.

Bringing to the table a feature that allows employees to report ‘close call’ incidents anonymously, forms app is one of the most effective methodologies for this purpose. It allows employees to submit near-miss reporting forms along with any other safety-related surveys without disclosing their identity to the employer.

Convenience in Daily Inspections

Many companies do not take this seriously, but there is a need to draw up a daily checklist to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. One of the most significant reasons behind it is the tediousness and laboriousness of holding a clipboard loaded with paper forms.

With the forms app, companies or those in charge can digitize the forms. They do not have to carry such clipboards and huge piles of paper-based forms every day. All they need is a smartphone – yes, that’s it. The forms app allows users to view forms on their mobile devices without any trouble.

This not only saves time and effort but also makes the workers feel safe and secure at the workplace. Knowing that the company they are working for is ensuring their safety helps employees with productivity enhancement.

Automation of Workflows

One of the significant advantages that companies can enjoy regarding workplace safety through forms app is the ability to automate workflows—sending pre-populated forms by setting up dispatch workflows to ensure that the required personnel gets access to the correct form in the minimum possible time. This practice does not require one to hand it over to the next person physically but just a smartphone to make it happen.

EcoDocs – The Ultimate Healthcare Compliance Management Software

EcoDocs is an easy-to-use app, developed by Folio3, that allows companies to streamline the safety and compliance inspections. This cloud-based CMMS app is focused on the maintaining the quality and ensuring the compliance to safety standards. It enables companies to prepare checklists and forms in lesser time and greater ease, thereby, enhancing a company’s productivity and efficiency significantly.

The Ending Notes

Workplace safety is critical for corporate success. It helps maintain a strong reputation in the market, provides a steady stream of competent professionals, and builds a vast network of loyal consumers. If you wish to excel in the market, you need to look at the bigger picture and make forms app an integral part of your workplace safety compliance strategies! 

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